Will an $8,000 Fly Reel Catch More Fish?

First off, you might be wondering if there is such a thing as a $8,000 fly fishing reel. Yes, there is. It’s the Hardy Zane Ti Reel and it is indeed beautiful. Designed for saltwater fly fishing, this heavenly reel is made from a solid bar stock Titanium and takes six days to make just one. This reel is hand polished and finished by Hardy’s top engineers. This reel is indeed the Ferrari of fly reels. So does this reel catch more fish than a $500 saltwater reel? Does it really matter? You don’t buy a Ferrari or a Rolex to be the fastest or have the most accurate time, you buy it because you can. Hardy has been making some beautiful and classic fly reels since 1872 and the Hardy Zane Ti Reel is no exception. When I was young I would always dream of having a Porsche or Lamborghini but as an adult and an avid fisherman I dream of having a Hardy Zane Ti Reel although a Hardy Marquis on a James Reams bamboo fly rod wouldn’t be bad either.


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