The Land of Lost Lures

I imagine it is a cold and dark world, the Land of Lost Lures. It’s not a place most fishermen like to think about. I’m sure there are some dark forces or evil goblins that live down there hiding under the knotted limbs that look like an old witches hand. I’ve stopped counting how many lures I’ve lost to that distant, dark world a long time ago. It would probably bring a tear to my eye if I actually knew the number I’ve lost.

Those evil son of snags can’t be avoided. It those places that have taken some of our most prized lures, that also supposedly hold some of the biggest fish. It’s almost a catch 22 in the fishing world. We know we have to risk tossing our lures into the brush and down into the rocky and snaggly land of the bottom in order to hook the big ones. Even the lures that promise to be snag-proof I am able to prove them wrong.

I’ve always thought about taking up scuba diving and venturing to the Land of Lost Lures someday. I’m sure it wouldn’t be as lucrative as the scuba divers diving for golf balls at the golf courses but I know some spots around my local lake that I’ve lost quite a few lures at and I’m sure others have lost some too. I do get occasionally lucky walking the shores and finding lures during some extreme droughts when the water is down about 4 feet or so. Just this past month, I found a nice black Jitterbug in great shape snagged in some vines that were exposed. It’s made up for the half dozen Rooster Tails that I’ve lost in the same area.

Over the years, I have learned some tricks and tips to save some of my lures from the dark oblivion. Usually if I can reel the line all the way up to where the lure is at the end of my pole, I can get it unsnagged by pushing the lure in the opposite direction. Sometimes I can get it unsnagged by running the boat in the opposite direction of the snag or walking down the shore from the opposite direction to the original snag.

I wonder what the goblins and the other evil entities in the Land of the Lost Lures do with all our lures? Do they go fishing with our lures? You might not thing they have any rods or reels to fish with but I can attest to losing one rod and reel to the dark underworlds of the bottom of the lake. I do wonder if they do go fishing, do they lose their lures like we loose ours? Are there lost lures the ones that we find occasionally right next to the shoreline? Is there Land of Lost Lures our land from where we toss our lures in hopes of hooking the big one?



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