The Fishing Roller Coaster

We’ve all heard of the ‘Diet Roller Coaster’ but what about the ‘Fishing Roller Coaster’? With record high temperatures in March and frost warnings in April, it seems the fishing has been hit and miss for the past month or so. The water temperatures rose above 60 and got close to triggering the spawning season and the the temps dropped. Hopefully this won’t hurt the spawning season this year.

As I write this, it appears that the weather may be warming up and the frost warning will come to an end. I did have some decent luck at the end of March when the temps were up but it has been slow for a while since the water temps went back below 60. With the slow down in fishing, I have had time to stock my tackle boxes and put new lines on my reels. I really didn’t have the time when it first warmed up because it got so hot, so fast. I’m looking forward to the next month or so as the temps are comfortable and not too hot and the fish should be biting like crazy. Hopefully it won’t rain too much as this usually puts a damper on any decent river fishing.


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