The Excitement of Buying New Lures.

It’s almost like the anticipation of Christmas or your birthday when you are heading out fishing with new fishing lures in your bag. Even if the fishing has been slow lately, I still get excited about trying out the new lures. It’s like when you buy a scratch off ticket or lottery ticket. There’s a high probability that you won’t hit the jackpot or pick all of the winning numbers, but somehow I still get giddy and excited in anticipation. That’s the same feeling I get with casting out a new lure. “This lure is going to catch the big one.”

And then nothing, no bites, not hits, no nothing. But unlike a losing lottery ticket, I can attribute the bad fishing to time of day,pressure fronts or perhaps the retrieve. I’m never disappointed in not getting action with a new lure. Perhaps tomorrow the lure will work. At least I have a new lure. Now time to get another new lure and try it out. Fishermen don’t quit. We keep buying and buying and buying new lures and bait until we hit the jackpot. Is there a Fishermens Anonymous like there is a Gamblers Anonymous? I might have a problem.

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  1. TLW
    at 7:07 pm

    It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about the new lures that I’ve bought while browsing in the fishing section of our local department store and have yet to get them wet…. Some day!!!!!

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