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Fall Fishing Tips

You can’t outrun the cold air now. It’s here and it’s here for a while, unless you live in Florida or other warm climate areas of our globe. But if you live in the Midwest, on the East or out West in America; the cold is here. But there’s still time for fishing until the waters freeze over and then…


Will an $8,000 Fly Reel Catch More Fish?

First off, you might be wondering if there is such a thing as a $8,000 fly fishing reel. Yes, there is. It’s the Hardy Zane Ti Reel and it is indeed beautiful. Designed for saltwater fly fishing, this heavenly reel is made from a solid bar stock Titanium and takes six days to make just one. This reel is hand…


“Just one more fish.”

“Just one more fish, then I’ll head home.” How many times have we all said that. Is it an addiction or an appreciation and love of fishing? I would say the latter, while my wife would say an addiction. Even when we do catch that “one more fish”, we start over again and say “just one more fish and then…