“Just one more fish.”

“Just one more fish, then I’ll head home.” How many times have we all said that. Is it an addiction or an appreciation and love of fishing? I would say the latter, while my wife would say an addiction. Even when we do catch that “one more fish”, we start over again and say “just one more fish and then I’ll go home.” When does it end? Usually when it gets dark, too cold to hold the rod or your significant other calls you asking when you’re coming home.

But what if that next fish is the big one? What if this whole time you’ve been fishing in the wrong spot and if you go down the shore a little bit rather than heading home, you snag that big one? What if you change your lure and go smaller? Will that entice the “just one more fish” to bite?

You may never know unless you go by the rule of “just one more fish”. Maybe you should switch from your spinning rod to a fly rod. Maybe a clouser minnow on a fly rod will get that big smallmouth to bite. You know he’s down there. You anticipate him biting everytime you reel in your line but he doesn’t bite. You don’t get frustrated, you just get more curious as to what that fish is thinking. Sure, your supper is getting cold and your wife is getting perturbed but there’s a big fish down there and you’ve got to catch him. Fret not, as fishermen we’re all in the same boat and we understand our love which others may call a disease or addiction. It’s the joy of fishing. It’s the excitement of the hunt for the big one and it’s just one more fish.

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    True…”just one more”! Great post
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    very nice post and blog ! thanks for this content.

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