Getting ready for spring fishing

It’s been a mild winter and as the sun is shining outside, I can’t help but think about getting ready for spring fishing. While the fishing can be slower in the spring, you can increase your chances of getting some bites by following a few simple rules. Unlike the summer or late spring when the fish are active and love going after top waters and fast moving baits, in the early spring, you want to slow things down. Think about going with some soft lures like worms, lizards or my favorite, theĀ  Strike King Coffee Tubes on Strike King Tube Jig Heads.

With soft baits and some weight to get it to the bottom, you basically want to go with a slow retrieve. I usually pitch near the shore or on points and bounce it slowly back towards the boat. With it being cold in the early spring, the fish probably won’t bite very aggressively, so when you go to retrieve or bounce the lure, do it slowly and feel for any resistance. By fishing slow and down at the bottom where the fish are, you might just have a decent day of spring fishing.


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