Favorite Lures

I think every fisherman has his favorite lures. It may have been lures that his father or grandfather introduced him too or it may just be ones he discovered later on. I would have to say that my favorite lure is the Rooster Tail.
I didn’t start using Rooster Tails for warm water fishing until I went fishing for trout for the first time in my life. I was about 20 years old when after fishing Lake Cumberland in Kentucky for my entire life, I decided to see how fishing was below the dam of the lake. The first time I went there, I didn’t even know there were trout in the water. But after catching about 20 rainbow trout in an hour, I was well aware of the trout and I was hooked. The most popular and favorite lure for fishing below the dam for trout was the Rooster Tail or other inline spinner baits. I learned this from talking with the fellow fishermen and visiting the local bait shop where they had plenty of Rooster Tails for sale.

After that fateful day of catching my first of many rainbow trout, I always had Rooster Tails in my tackle box. And I soon ended up using them for catching smallmouths on the rivers, largemouth on the lakes and plenty of panfish when the fishing got tough. I usually prefer a steady retrieve and keep the lure about a foot below the water where I can see it. I enjoy seeing the fish strike it within my sight as opposed to fishing it slow and down deeper. For crappie, I find a slower retrieve will get them to bite but for every other fish, it’s the steady retrieve right below the surface that always gets them.

Beyond the Rooster Tails, I enjoy fishing with Big O crank baits, Rapala minnows, spin baits, Lazy IkesĀ and tubes. But usually I start doubting my alternative choice in lures and end up going back to a Rooster Tail. I would like to learn how to fish with more tubes and soft plastics but I was never taught how to fish with them. Maybe my kid will learn how to fish with worms on a Carolina or Texas rig and teach me because I know I won’t have the patience to learn on my won when I’ve got some Rooster Tails begging to be thrown in the tackle box.



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