Month: April 2012

The Land of Lost Lures

I imagine it is a cold and dark world, the Land of Lost Lures. It’s not a place most fishermen like to think about. I’m sure there are some dark forces or evil goblins that live down there hiding under the knotted limbs that look like an old witches hand. I’ve stopped counting how many lures I’ve lost to that…


The Fishing Roller Coaster

We’ve all heard of the ‘Diet Roller Coaster’ but what about the ‘Fishing Roller Coaster’? With record high temperatures in March and frost warnings in April, it seems the fishing has been hit and miss for the past month or so. The water temperatures rose above 60 and got close to triggering the spawning season and the the temps dropped.…


Fishing Without a Boat

We’ve all been fishing without a boat and many of us have spent all our lives fishing without a boat. But is there a way to get onto the water and off the shore without a boat? There are actually quite a few options with many of them being quite affordable. One of the first times I ever stepped off…