Month: September 2009

Can Someone Invent More Fishing Time Please.

Image via Wikipedia This past Saturday was an excellent day of fishing in Indiana where I live. Within an hour, I caught about two dozen bluegill, a nice white bass and about a 3-pound largemouth bass on Morse Reservoir in Noblesville, IN. The only problem, I only had an hour to fish. A front was moving through, it was nice…


The Joy of Teaching Your Kid to Fish

My son is 11-years old and while I taught him to fish many moons ago, I’ve recently taught him more advanced ways of fishing. The first lesson I taught him was learning to use a spinning reel. Not a difficult lesson but a rewarding one. But a month ago or so, my son wanted to try out my fly rod…


The Old Days of Fishing

On my fishing bench in my garage I’ve got tackle, fly tying supplies, different spools of fishing lines, nets, fishing gear, assorted tackle boxes, disembodied soft plastic lizards and worms my daughter got a hold of, a bunch of fishing books and my Grandfather’s old wooden lures. My fishing bench is a nice visual timeline of the old days of…